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The five daily prayers are held in congregation in the mosque. See the prayer schedule for details of Iqama and prayer times.

Jumuah (Friday )prayer is offered in English at the same time 1:00 PM all year long

Eid prayer: The Eid prayer (for the two Eids, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha) will be organized at East Side Center 1700 2nd street NE Minneapolis MN 55413.

More details will follow


 The details and schedules for the activities during the month of Ramadan will be announced at the a week before the starting of Ramadan.

 Taraweeh prayer is held every night in congregation. There will be a lecture every night after the first 4 rak’ah.

Tahajjud and Qiyam-ul-lyl will be offered.


DA’WAH (Sharing the message of Islam)

The Center welcomes groups or individuals who wish to learn about Islam, or to visit the Center. We also offer meetings for anyone who wishes to speak to a scholar for a purpose of learning , research or wishing to accept Islam. For appointment or visit, please contact: Dr. Hamdy El-Sawaf at:



Marriage (Nikah) is performed according to the Islamic Shariah rules. The Center has a license from the State of Minnesota. An appointment should be scheduled in advance.  (A valid legal marriage license from the State of Minnesota is needed for all marriages).

In order to officiate your marriage, please:
1. Apply for the marriage certificate at the county you belong to.
2. On the day of the ceremony you may bring that certificate to the Imam in order to officiate it.
3. You bring Two Muslim men as witnesses of marriage 
4. A wife’s legal guardian should come.
5. An Imam to officiate your marriage.
6. You decide on how much Dowry (Mahr) would be.
If you choose me to officiate your marriage, it would be an honor to me.
If you have any more questions, please let us know.

For an appointment, please contact Dr. Hamdy El-Sawaf who is registered to perform marriages in Minnesota. Contact: (763) 227-8626 or e-mail him at:



Counseling services are available in our Center for personal, family, and interpersonal issues. We have been providing solutions to social problems; problems such as divorce, pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, parent-child relationship, neighborhood, friendship, etc. For discussing any family issues please contact Dr. Hamdy El-Sawaf  at 763-227-8626 or e-mail him at;


The Center has been engaged in many interfaith activities and dialogue. Just to mention some: Minnesota council of Churches, St. Paul area Council of Churches, Down Town Clergy council, Muslim Christian Dialogue Center, St. Thomas University




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Grade level (for schools)
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Our Center provides a court-like service for the Muslim community. The Imam will work as a judge to resolve the dispute between any  parties or groups. Cases might be social, family matters, business, or any kind of conflict. Based on the complexity of the case, we might organize an arbitration committee. from experts to help in solving the problem and taking the decision. All the arbitration decisions are final.



The Islamic Community Center of Minnesota provides arrangements for Muslim funerals and burials.

For burial arrangements, please call at any of these phone numbers:

·         Br. Mohamed Elakkad at 651-428-9900

·         Br. Amin Abdel-Kader at 651-428-9911

·         Br. Abdullah. at 651-398-6081

This is a volunteer based service. In case you get to the voicemail or if you call after 10:00PM, please leave a voice message. You will be contacted at the earliest, Inshallah.

May Allah forgive all transgressions of the deceased and may He grant him/her Jannah. Ameen.