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The Islamic Community Center of Minnesota/Masjid Al-Iman maintains facility at:

1429 Second Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: +1 612-588-7559
Fax: +1 612-588-9734

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21 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. salaam,
    I am coming from out of town and I am not familiar with the parking at your masjid. Is there parking available?

    • there are some parking spaces available on the side and back of the masjid. Also, you can park on the street.


  2. Hello,
    I am doing outreach for Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps, programs that are looking for tutors to help children who are falling behind in schools across Minnesota.

    We will place and train over 1,000 AmeriCorps math and literacy tutors in August. I would love to get the word out to your members who might be interested in serving children in Minnesota schools. These positions give tutors valuable real life experience making a difference in children’s lives.

    Tutors earn:
    • A biweekly living stipend of $526
    • A $5,645 education award for college (transferable to children and grandchildren for ages 55+)
    • Career skills, educational training, and coaching
    • The fulfillment of making a difference in children’s lives
    I would love to reach out to your members in the most relevant way possible. May I send information to be put in a newsletter or social media outlets? The experience is extremely rewarding both professionally and personally.

    Thank you,
    Telile Regassa

  3. I hope this message finds you in the best of health and Iman inshaAllah. I am writing to ask your masjid to participate in the global prayer that will occur on Friday, July 18th after Fajr Salah, for Palestine and all the other oppressed Muslims around the world. Several worldwide masajid (including Masjid al-Aqsa and over 180 other masjids) will recite Qunut Al Nazila (Prayer for Calamity) after Fajr salah tomorrow. We would love for your masjid to participate as well. Please let me know if you will participate. I am pasting a link below with more details about this. JazakAllah Khair. Email if your masjid would like to join this cause.—Join-the-Ummah-in-Prayer.html?soid=1117891477558&aid=5vfIWTVyEuo

    Walaikum asalaam,
    Sarah Khan

  4. As I prepare for sleep, I have been thinking over the past week. Among my better memories is the iftar I attended on Sunday night. I want to sincerely thank you for your hospitality as shown to my wife and myself. It was good to hear the imam speak, inspiring to attend evening prayers and delightful to sit between the two Jokos as they tried to answer all the questions from us, the visitors.

    Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening and for your generosity of sharing so much.

  5. Assalam o Alaikum

    Do you offer / know someone who offers part time / weekend / evening hours Alim course (Dars e Nizami – most common form of traditional islamic learning in south Asia) in the Minneapolis area?


  6. al slam alykom w rahmat allah w barakato

    my name is Saher Atya
    i am Muslim from Egypt , married to an American lady since 2008 she converted in Azhar Cairo 2007. i came to the united states in an emergency case after my wife had too many complications after a surgery left her a chance of 1/10000 .. alhamdu lelah we arrived to NY . Nov. 29th 2013. and allah saved her life. and she still under medical surgeries and still has a wound on her back $ cm deep they might have to remove her rip or tow rips..
    my problem is :
    we have no income what so ever since i m not even allowed to work due for my visa , i came in the states with a B2 visa and i over stayed but i also have a I-130 case was proved July 2014 ..
    i need to apply for adjustment of status I-485
    i already applied I-485 but got rejekted because they rejected the fee waiver
    after i explained the very hard hard ship we are going threw.
    i m ibn al sabeel and i m asking for help from my Muslim brothers and sisters to help me with the fees for my papers so i can work get a job and pay back .
    this is my email i live in shelters .
    please help me and i will pay back after i get a job .
    i have no phone nothing but Email. but i can call you if needed .
    al sama alykom.

  7. Please inform my fellow brothers and sisters that NorthPoint Dental Clinic is conducting free oral cancer screening on Tue. and Wed. April 21 & 22 from 8:00Aam-3:00pm. Please call 612-543-2500 to schedule an appointment and say you are referred by Mohamud. Walk-ins are welcome

  8. Salam Alaekum
    I wish to receive some Islamic literature and if available copies of the Holy Quran.
    Kazim Lawal.
    P.O.BOX 23040,

  9. Assalam.o.Alaikum,

    My name is Hafiz Faizan Riaz currently Imam and Khateeb at Darul Huda Masjid Snellville Georgia. Snellville is a suburb of Atlanta and approx 30 miles from Downtown Atlanta.

    My father in law Saleem Usmani works for Georgia Tech University since 2000 when he moved to Snellville from Columbia South Carolina, he started Darul Huda Masjid from a rented place in 2004. We have a 8 acre of land paid off for $350,000 in 2012. There is a house on the property which is currently the masjid right now. We need $600,000 to start our project for PHASE 1. Alhamdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah we have $340,000 right now and we are only short of $260,000.

    We have started to visit different communities one weekend in a month to meet individuals personally and collect funds for the project. We do not do Fundraising only give project update. The request I want to make that if I can get permission to lead Juma on the 29th April Friday and give Khutba and after the Salat, my father in law will give the project update for 5 minutes. No fundraising just to let people know and educate about our project. I would be highly thankful to the board if they grant us this permission. I am also emailing my Khutba audio and Quran recitation that can help you decide. Another email will be about the details of the project.

    This link is the latest fundraiser we had in January 2016 with Junaid Jamshed:

    Jazaka Allah khair!

    Faizan Riaz
    Snellville GA

  10. Hello,

    I’m writing on behalf of my husband who has prayed in the mosque several times. He would like to know when and where Eid Al Adha prayers will take place.

    Thank you,

  11. I Pray thismessage reaches you in good health and prosperity.

    We are Al Furqaan Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) Organization and our goal is to deliver the English Translation of the Qur’an to Households,Hospitals,Hotels, Retirement Homes and Prisons Nationwide. Alhamdullilah so far we have distributed over millinon copies. Please visit

    “The Prophet ﷺ said: “Convey from me, even if it is one verse.” [Saheehal-Bukhaaree]

    1000,000 + copies of the English translation distributed
    55 Hotels Nationwide carry our English Translation
    Concluded Street Dawa’ in IL, NY, NC, GA, KY, FL. More being planned in the near future Started “Meet your Muslim Neighbor” Workshop. Widely popular with Masajid throughout the Country Plans underway to print the Qur’an in all major Languages of the World.
    Following is a link to our most recent mass Dawa’ initiative at the
    Kentucky State Fair.​

    We humbly request the Hon: members of the Shura to please allow us to visit Masjid Al Imam on a Friday with our Khateeb to deliver the Khutba and make a short one minute appeal for the Furqaan Project.
    Once a date is finalized, I will submit the name of the Khateeb including
    his bio data and the topic of the Khutba Insha’Allah. All of our Khateebs
    are very well known and respected motivational speakers.

    Again, Jazakha Allahu Khairan for taking the time to read this email, May
    Allah reward you Insha’Allah.

    Jazakhallahu Kheir.

  12. Hi I am writing you this email cuz I’m trying to find out more about Islam I have been expanding my Horizon and different religions if you could direct me to someone that could either talk to me or give me sites of information that would be very grateful thank you very much for your time

    • Peace.
      You can come to our friday sermon at our mosque started 1 pm on friday.
      After the sermon, you can wait for the imam and ask your questions or arrange time for discussion.

  13. Do I have a question regarding women attending sermon? I am a not familiar with the religion, but want to learn and participate. Do I need to wear a specific attire or can I come in regular dress casual clothes?

    • Peace.
      You can come to our friday sermon at our mosque started 1 pm on friday. Dress modestly as you can. Regular casual dress covering down to the feet added with socks would be nice.
      Covered hair and neck is preferrable.
      After the sermon, you can wait for the imam and ask your questions or arrange time for discussion.

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